Circuit Women's Socks - 3 pairs


Circuit socks by Slydes are available in white with a colourful band that runs around the ankle section.

The Slydes logo is printed in white lettering to stand out and provide a contrast between the vivid shades of red, pink and grey. These white socks for men are perfect for the summer time or for every day wear. The elasticated ankle makes them comfortable to wear with trainers or any casual shoes.

    Color: White

    Your delivery Slydes are shipped from our Manchester HQ. If you're in the UK, your Slydes will be with you in 3-4 working days, or you can get next day delivery if you prefer not to hang around.

    Slydes also ship to Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world, in 5-10 working days. While you're waiting, track your delivery online through Royal Mail in the UK and Europe, or USPS in the USA. We'll give you a tracking number in your shipping confirmation email.

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    Wearing your Slydes

    Slydes are designed to be comfortable all day, made with materials chosen specifically to avoid that annoying rubbing feeling. Style is important to us, but so is substance.

    Taking care of your Slydes

    Slydes are designed to look great, but they're pretty tough too. They should stay looking fresh and new if you wipe any marks away with a damp cloth.

    If you change your mind (we don't think you will)
    Email us at - we'll give you a special code and a return address. Make sure you post your Slydes back to us in the original packaging within 7 days. Your money will be back in your account within 7 working days, excluding the delivery charge (that bit's non-refundable).